Grout Logic Color Sealing


Un-Sealed Grout Lines

Color Sealed Grout Lines

When tile is installed, rarely is the grout sealed by the installer. This allows dirty mop water, spills, soil and bacteria to soak into the grout leaving the tile with dirty, discolored grout lines. Color sealing will make the grout lines uniform, stain free and perfect, but also prevent future discoloration, stains and bacteria from entering the grout. Grout Logic Color sealing process offers the customer an unlimited option of colors to choose from! We can restore the original color or custom color match the grout to the tile and decor of the home. Simply changing the color of the grout can often transform the look of the entire floor. Once Grout Logic proprietary color sealer is applied, NOTHING can penetrate and stain the grout lines again!

Un-Sealed Grout vs Sealed Grout

If grout is left un-sealed the porous grout lines will quickly begin to discolor. This is caused by spills, dirt, bacteria and mop water soaking into the grout lines like a sponge. Once these stains have penetrated into the grout lines, there is virtually nothing that can remove the stains other than completely removing the grout or color sealing the grout.
Once the grout lines are sealed, all spills, dirt, bacteria and mop water will lay on top of the grout lines allowing for an easy clean up. Grout Logic proprietary grout sealer penetrates into the grout lines and dries as hard as the tile forming a permanent, protective barrier against stains, discoloration and bacteria.

Staining Grout vs Color Sealing Grout

A common solution to fix dirty, discolored grout lines is to apply a colored stain. This process can work for making grout lines look new again but will not prevent bacteria, water and stains from entering the grout lines. Using a colored based stain will only re-color the grout lines not seal the grout lines. The other disadvantage to colored stains is they will still discolor and begin to crack, chip or peel often within a few months of application.
Color Sealers both re-color the grout and seal the grout lines from bacteria and stains. Grout Logic always guarantees our grout sealer against cracking, chipping and peeling. Always be sure to ask the company you hire if they are using a stain.

Color Sealer vs Clear Sealer

There are many clear grout sealers on the market today. The main concern with a clear sealer is how often they need to be re-applied. Most clear sealers will require that the floor be stripped and re-sealed every 2 to 3 years. The reason for this is that clear sealers will all start to turn yellow and break down over time.
The other disadvantage to clear sealers is that unless the grout is brand new, you are sealing in stains and discoloration. Because the stains and discoloration have penetrated deep into the grout lines they are unable to be removed by steam or pressure cleaning machines. These machines will be able to remove some of the surface dirt but not the deep stains and grout discoloration.
Grout Logic permanent color sealer was designed to make grout lines look brand new regardless of how dirty and discolored the grout is. We start by deep cleaning the grout removing all surface dirt and bacteria, we then apply our proprietary color seal that penetrates deep into the grout lines covering all stains and discoloration. Once the grout has been color sealed, the grout lines are PERFECT! Grout Logic grout sealer does not have to be re-applied because it will not break down or turn yellow. With proper maintenance Grout Logic grout sealer will last a lifetime.

Cleaning Tile Grout

How to properly clean tile grout seems to be a very popular conversation around forums on the Internet. The truth is, the more you clean un-sealed grout the dirtier it becomes. Because grout is porous every time a floor is mopped, the dirty mop water soaks into the grout lines staining and discoloring the grout. Bacteria also penetrates into the grout and begins to grow causing odor problems and mold. The only way to properly avoid these issues is by sealing the grout. Once the grout is sealed cleaning is a cinch! A basic household cleaner such as dish soap, Mr. Clean, Spic and Span etc. will do the job! You simply wet mop the floor with a mild cleaner and then dry the floor with an old towel. Drying the floor is by far the most important step. While you are mopping the floor, the dirty mop water will run into the grout lines. If the dirty water is left to dry, dirt will start to build up on top of the sealer. This dirt can easily be removed by simple scrubbing, but can be avoided all together by drying the floor and picking up the dirty water. The easiest way to dry a floor is to throw down an old towel and shuffle around. Using this method to clean a properly sealed floor will allow your grout lines to stay perfect permanently and prevent any dirt build up on top of the sealer.