Who Is the Ideal Grout Logic Distributorship Owner?

Every Grout Logic distributorship owner takes a different journey to get where they are. Our owners come from all kinds of backgrounds – from construction to finance to restaurants.

As Grout Logic continues to grow nationally, we’re not looking for cookie-cutter owners. We don’t require a background in grout cleaning, restoration or business ownership. What we do look for is a spark, a passion for people and a desire to succeed.

The ideal Grout Logic owner is someone who embodies Grout Logic’s core values: Passion, purpose, and community. Our owners don’t look the same or think the same, but together, they build a brand that’s bringing a superior and sought after service to customers in their territory or territories.


The ideal Grout Logic territory owner is passionate about business. As Grout Logic’s owner Jay Broadwell points out, you don’t have to be a grout cleaning master to be a successful distributorship owner and succeed at growing your company. Just a desire to get ahead and a passion for people. The rest will come naturally.

There’s a lot to love about Grout Logic and its products – our focus on quality, right to use to exclusive materials, and accessibility, to name a few.


If we boil the spirit of Grout Logic down to one word (a difficult task, we assure you), it would be “purpose.”

To us, having purpose means taking pride in helping others. Our owners take pride in the quality of their services, their excellent products, and the exclusivity of our capabilities. It brings them joy to have happy customers.

Purpose also means confidence. We want our territory owners to have confidence in their exclusive access to our product and be assured that while they have the freedom to operate independently; we will always be here to help.

At Grout Logic, our process is not just a quick fix. It is tried and true perfection. Perfect grout, permanently.


There are already dozens of Grout Logic territories across over 30 states. Ownership of a territory guarantees that you and your business have the exclusive ability to operate within your area. This also comes with a reputation of professionalism, excellence, and positive service experiences. The Grout Logic brand is known for these attributes, and we want to take that dynamic with us as we help others expand it into new places.

As in most home services, word of mouth and recommendations from previous customers is the name of the game. We encourage all territory owners to build relationships with both their customers and their colleagues. Learn their names, ask about their families, and go the extra mile to make them feel special. They are not just another nameless customer, they are our customer.

These relationship skills are important for interacting with customers, but also for interacting with company leadership and other businesses in your area. Grout Logic looks for distributorship owners with integrity and strong communication skills. This makes it easier to navigate the challenges and opportunities of business ownership as a team. Our training process is immersive by design. We want you to have all of the tools you need to grow your business and carry on the Grout Logic name with pride.

Are there hard skills that come in handy as a Grout Logic owner? Of course. Prior business management experience is great, as well as a background in construction or restoration industry. However, our main concern is reaching people with passions, personality, and goals.

As we continue to grow across our beautiful country, we’re excited to continue building strong communities and leaving our customers 100% satisfied with their beautiful floors, with the help of a network of passionate, talented business owners. If owning your territory’s go-to grout restoration company sounds like a dream job, contact us today!




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