Operational Secrets to Grout Logic Distributorship Success

The 3 Key Operational Secrets to Grout Logic Distributorship Success

Grout Logic distributorships already span 30 states countrywide. These businesses have proven successful because of their standardized operations and tried and true processes that Grout Logic has put into place.

These operational secrets set new and existing distributorship owners and their employees up for success, ensuring continued growth of the long-standing Grout Logic brand.

1. Product Quality
Our product quality sets distributorships up for success. Grout Logic business owners have exclusive access to all of our products through our online store, including Grout Logic additive, neutralizer, and color sealer — everything you need to ensure top results that perfect your customer’s grout, permanently.

2. Training
Grout Logic employees are the front line of customer relations. Cleaning, stripping, etching, and color sealing is an easy skill to learn with the correct training, and when work is done well, word travels.

To build a reputation as a reliable, skillful, and trustworthy business, it is necessary to implement uniform procedures with all of your technicians — and we are here to teach you how to do just that.

Distributorship owners will receive guidance from experienced field trainers from before they open their businesses and throughout their experience operating their Grout Logic distributorships.

All new Grout Logic distributorship owners will have access to a week-long training period here in New Orleans, LA, where you will learn the skills needed to operate a successful grout cleaning and tile restoration company anywhere in the country.

3. Demand
Grout Logic distributorship owners have a unique opportunity to have access to a tried and true grout cleaning process that is unique, reliable, and easy. Where there is tile, there is grout, and where there is grout, there is dirt and bacteria. By joining this team, you will be tapping into an industry with constant demand.

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